It's TWINS !!



If it hadn't been for the fact that she wasn't anywhere near her due dates, I would have said that Dolly the cow was in the early stages of calving. The night before last she was stomping around lashing her tail from side to side but although her udder was starting to 'bag up' it wasn't excessively so.

Blood Orange Marmalade ... hmm .. spot the mistake!

Blood Orange Marmalade March 15


only discovered blood oranges last year. Of course, I had always known they existed but I'd never actually used them for anything. And then one morning I reached, bleary eyed, for a bag of oranges for juicing, sliced one in half and lo! - it was like a crimson sunset inside. I was astonished until I inspected the bag and realised my mistake, and wondered if I dare present the resulting blood coloured jug at breakfast.


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