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The Sound of Running Water

The gentle murmur of splashing water as it trickles from bowl to bowl ...



I have long wanted a water feature for the garden but dreams often stay as dreams.  Plug it in, pipe it up, concrete base - all reasons why somehow it isn't possible - so over the years the idea has stayed on the shelf, gathering dust but not quite going away.

On the Loose !!

The Escapees



The little pigs were beginning to smell - as one of Barbara's visiting Aussie grandchildren informed me.  Only being butch Australians they put it much more bluntly.


A Change of Scene

Best Foot  Forward


From the flurry of 'For Sale' signs that have gone up recently, it would appear that everyone is trying to escape from Wycomb.

This is certainly true of Henry, a tortoise with attitude who, when he is not bent on escape, resides with neighbours in the village.

A Late Spring

But today for them has been a good day and they have been out in the garden, dust bathing among the plants and sunning themselves on the lawn ...


At Last the much awaited 'spring flush' has arrived and the verges alonside the local lanes have been suddenly transformed into a sea of emerald green, topped with a white froth of cow parsley and studded with the sapphire and ruby of bluebells and campion. All of this against the brilliant lime-green backdrop of the hawthorn hedges and, when it isn't raining, under the canopy of a brilliant blue sky.


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